Gold Standard awards

The Gold Standard Awards featured as part of the 2016 Annual Conference and this year we will do the same. The process has been reviewed and updated so it is clearer about how you submit a nomination. The awards will be presented to winners on day two of the conference at the end of the day.

There are two types of award - data driven and self-nomination enrichment awards. This year’s Gold Standard data driven awards will signpost where standards are particularly high at subject level, and where students have made the most significant progress both in individual subjects and across each key stage. Awards will also be given where the most substantial improvements in progress or in outcomes are evident, in order to recognise both academies and individual subject areas that have really turned things around.

There will be no need to apply for these type of awards – the recipients will be determined by OAT’s central data analysis team. In addition, there will be a further opportunity for awards that will recognise aspects of excellence that isn’t always easy to measure.

Principals will be able to apply/self-nominate for a Gold Standard award for the impact made by enrichment activities including, but not limited to, dance, drama, music, art, sport, debating, journalism/creative writing, volunteering and charitable endeavours, and participation in the Duke of Edinburgh’s award scheme. There will also be awards to recognise the impact of their academy’s careers information, education, advice and guidance and for distinctive work that students carry out to promote safeguarding or to minimise the incidence of bullying.

To access the full list of the Gold Standard Awards and make your nominations, please click here. All nominations should be made via this link by Friday 20 October 2017.