A number of workshops will be hosted over the two day conference - see below for more information:

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Day One – 15 November

Closing the gap
This workshop will focus on the importance of sharing experiences/best practice and strategies to help close the gap between disadvantaged pupils and their peers. Insight into strategies used to support institutions where Ofsted have recommended a Pupil Premium Review following section 5 inspections will also be discussed.

Effective working with your LGB
This workshop will explain how to utilise your LGB to get the most out of them. This session looks out how you can utilise your governors’ skills and experience to develop your academy and move forward together. Includes a brief demo on The School Bus and the support this can provide.

Strategies to reduce absenteeism
The workshop on improving attendance is a tried and tested method adopted by Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy, which focuses on minimising absences, maximising the pastoral staff in order to improve attendance across the Academy and raise attainment for all.

Enrichment – challenges and opportunities
In this workshop, we will discuss our understanding of enrichment and the impact it has during the school day. Drawing from our collective experiences to share examples of best practice and discuss potential solutions for the challenges presented within school, whilst meeting the needs of the students, staff and curriculum.

Safeguarding - inside the phone of Gen-Z
The importance of learning more about Gen-Z and their use of technology. As a generation, they have not lived a single day without the internet and for us to stay up-to-date with current safeguarding concerns we need to be ahead of the game.

Day Two – 16 November

We need to talk about mental health
The importance of developing best practice in supporting students and staff with mental health and well-being, and shaping a strategy for the next 12 months.

Curriculum national overview and KS4 outcomes
This session will focus on what we are learning about the impact of curriculum, qualification and assessment reform at all key stages.

Culture Shock: the story of how Ormiston Forge Academy went from 142 students in year 7 to 291 in 5 years
In order to educate the village, you need to populate it first. In this workshop, Kris and Lisa will explain why they are recruiting students 365 days of the year and why their strategies, gathered over 20 years in a variety of sectors, can turn the traditional thinking of student recruitment upside down. Every school has a dirty sponge, we'll find out what happens when we squeeze it.

All I need to know about CPD Peer Review
The CPD Peer Review process has been designed with Ormiston Academies Trust and the Teacher Development Trust to support OAT schools in reflecting on their CPD culture, processes and leadership. This workshop will aim to help you understand what the Peer Review Process is all about, hear about OAT academies mini-trials and help you identify the potential benefits to you as an academy.

Delivering fabulous outcomes for ‘more able’ and practical strategies
This workshop is designed to illustrate where we are as a trust in terms of outcomes for our high prior attaining students, presenting in depth analysis by subject area and focusing on disadvantaged students. This will be a discussion of areas of best practice and successful strategies.

Buying goods and services and building statutory compliance
The first half of this workshop will consist of an overview of the OAT Strategy for procurement, covering topics such as the road map for large Head Office led procurements on-behalf of academies, contracts already in place and how to use existing frameworks. The second half of the session will focus on the new Building Statutory Compliance contractual arrangement which is currently being setup for academies; it will provide certification, preventive maintenance and reactive maintenance for building items such as; boilers, lifts, fire detection, water, duct hygiene etc.

PR and reputation management
This workshop will provide an overview of the importance of securing consistent positive PR for your academy and how best to do so, as well as providing advice on how best to handle situations which pose a potential reputational risk to the Academy or the Trust.

Note: If a workshop is undersubscribed then a decision will be made not to run it.